A YutaAsahina story. Based on Bill looks for his Big Mac.


YutaAsahina went to go buy more DLC for Forza Horizon 3 and get Dirt Rally for his Xbox One S, and it was gone.


  • YutaAsahina
  • NagisaShingetsu
  • Mukuro Ikusaba



  • [Yuta is looking for his Xbox on the sofa cushion]
  • Mukuro: What are you doing?
  • YutaAsahina: I am looking for my frickin Xbox.
  • Mukuro: In the sofa cushion?
  • YutaAsahina: Probably.
  • Mukuro: But you rarely sit here...
  • YutaAsahina: I went to buy some DLC for Forza Horizon 3, and to buy Dirt Rally, and my Xbox was gone.
  • Mukuro: Where did it go?
  • YutaAsahina: I don't know!!
  • [NagisaShingetsu gets off the other sofa]
  • YutaAsahina: Watch out.
  • NagisaShingetsu: Thank you for being nice about it...
  • [Yuta looks for his Xbox on Nagisa's sofa]
  • Mukuro: What are you doing?
  • NagisaShingetsu: Why are you so mad about it?!!?
  • YutaAsahina: Because I want my frickin DLC and games for my Xbox One S.
  • [YutaAsahina keeps looking around]
  • [NagisaShingetsu goes upstairs]
  • YutaAsahina: I can't buy DLC or games without it.
  • Mukuro: If you lost it, just go on your PC and play GTR2 or rFactor in the meantime. Just, relax, we will figure this Xbox out.
  • [NagisaShingetsu comes downstairs]